Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As I listen to the sound of packers loading our precious baubles into boxes, I create the portal by which many friends and family will live through us, vicariously. In the next month, I aim to post tales of our jaunt across the US, Alaska-bound. We will ride rollercoasters with family, yell at the umpire for nine innings with friends, trek through the nation's natural monuments, and set sail through the inside passage of Alaska.

Stay tuned as we make our way forward in this world. We look forward to your notes about our adventures!


Kate said...

Congrats on the assignment! We have no doubt Alaska will be amazing. We will actually be spending three and a half weeks in Alaska this summer and cannot wait! We hope all goes well with your travels and move.

lydia anderson said...

hey brad lydia here that is great we just got your postcard today and i think it will be really fun for you guys to move to alaska i can't wait to hear all the great stuff about alaska see you later

little sis

lydia anderson said...

hi christina i bet it is really fun to move to alaska i would like to visit you one day so would dad i will try very hard to try to talk my family in to coming to visit you guys well i am very excited to har you moved and i give you all my love and luck and hope to coming to see you see you later

lydia anderson

lydia anderson said...

hey yall we give all of our luck to you guys with all of our love

lydia ben & baxter

Lyle said...

YO YO YO!! Congrats on AK, I had a blast there and I'm sure you two will also!! Have fun trekking across the US and thanks for the blog so we can all know whats going on! I'll catch up with you crazy flamingos later!


Mom said...

Have a great time with Jen and Suketu tomorrow. Remind Jen to take tummy meds before the park:)
Give Love to all.
Have a safe and wonderful journey, watch out for the critters.
If you need anything, just let us know, We Love you! Mom and Dad:)