Thursday, February 26, 2009

Icy Mist Rescue

Here's Anchorage Daily News version:

Check out the video!
Now I am off to ransack my hotel in search of extra copies of the newspaper!!! Congrats to CGC Munro and the HH-60 crews that worked together to rescue these fishermen!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to Lose a Husband in 10 Hours

10. Drop him off at the pier before the sun rises

9. Clean every surface of your shared home

8. Wash all the linens so as to leave no trace of his wonderful smell (which makes you tear, dern ol factory stirring up nostalgia)

7. Air out the couch cushions in the sunshine on the back porch

6. Play with the dog in a vain attempt to distract him from his constant search through the house-- looking for said departed hubby

5. Reclaim the coat closet and put away all the wonderful coats that smell like him, in his closet, in the guest bedroom, away from your ol-factory senses

4. Watch an uber girlie, independent film that he would hate, such as The Duchess

3. Clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry and organize items at your height

2. Put away his toiletries and reclaim the guest bathroom as the guest bathroom

1. Invite a fellow married, geographically separated bachelor as your date to the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner; thereby, inherently starting the rumor mill a-going.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Saw this on another blog that I follow and had to share:

Cherish the Ladies

The Kodiak Arts Council brought in Cherish the Ladies for an evening of Irish folk music. The highschool has an auditorium that provided a packed venue for this eclectic and talented group. Led by an American-born Irish lass from the Bronx, the group featured gigs, ballads, rousing tunes, and feats on a whistles I never thought possible.

Michelle channeled Betsy Johnson in her dress but sang sad tunes and love ballads that made you take notice of nothing but the message of the heart in each note.

Joanie was a hoot. It was evident that she was raised in the Bronx, but her chides to the crowd, her fellow band mates, and the two male dancers that accompanied their group kept the crowd in stitches between sets.

KT, the redhead, Scottish piano player, composed a piece for her parents entitled Homecoming. Holding Brad's hand, I listened to the remarkable and exact striking of the piano keys. It rang true, simply said.

Mary played a guitar solo, and watching Roisin's willowy frame direct her fiddle bow was as if my eyes beheld a ballet dancer.

Dan Stacey, a fellow fiddle player who sometimes accompanies the Ladies, played two tunes for us. The latter of which he sat in his chair and danced. Seriously, his feet provided the Irish dancing accompaniment to his mean fiddle playing.

Later Dan was joined by a young man that Joanie knows from NYC. He is a half Irish and half Indian, unemployed, former Morgan Stanley broker who "landed on his feet" and came back to dancing once his position was terminated in the recent economic downturn. He was easy on the eyes, and I can only hope that Jennifer and Suketu's kids will be just as good looking, charming, and talented.

Take a few minutes and sit back to enjoy a taste of what Kodiak was privy to last night:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Contest

At the prompting of friends' messages on facebook and our avid readers, I entered a photo contest for Alaska Airlines. Whereas I have no chance of winning, I thought the thrill of entering would be fun. Afterall, I do have good luck with contests. In 2006, I won a seven day Princess Cruise for submitting an essay that took me ten minutes to compose.

Alaska Airlines accepted up to three pictures for each entry. I used myself, Brad, and my parents as the three entrants. Hopefully, one of the nine photos below will be featured in the May 2009 Alaska Airlines in flight magazine as a finalist...and possibly, a winner. Stay tuned.

And for those who want to see my competition: click here to see last year's entries.

Eagle flying over the waves, Kodiak, AK
Window view of Mt McKinley range
Sea smoke over Monashka Bay, Kodiak, AK
Rainbow's end, Petersburg, AK (Part I of Double Rainbow)

Mt. McKinley
Floatplane over Barometer Mountain, Kodiak, AK

Rainbow's end, Petersburg, AK (Part II of Double Rainbow)
Conversation with a view, Kodiak, AK
Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fedex Confirmation Code

I called the 800 number to schedule a pick up for my fedex package. (I am returning an item.) The nice lady in Ohio helps me complete my request, and we chat about the weather and time difference, which seems to be the two popular topics when on the phone with someone who has never been to AK. But I digress.

Anyway, she asks if I am ready to copy down my confirmation code. I reply, "Yes." And then there is a pause.

She half giggles and says, "Your confirmation code is...1"

Classic Kodiak.

I laugh and she quips, "Must be a local thing, huh?"

"Honey, you have no idea. "

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mt. McKinley

My team busted through the work so quickly, that we left Fairbanks today. When refueling our rental car, I snapped a quick picture of our temperature sign.

On the plane ride from Fairbanks to Anchorage, we enjoyed a clear and cold day, which provided us with SPECTACULAR view of Mt. McKinley. This peak is also known as Denali, which is also the name of the National and State Parks surrounding its range.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freezing in Fairbanks

I stepped outside en route to the Hertz parking lot. I breathed in my first bit of fresh air in the past few hours. To me, the air inside an airport and plane always seems so stale.

And then it hit me: I could feel every single one of my nose hairs. Each one. Crystalizing by the second, I walk-- briskly-- to the poor attendant who has already started my car. My team member and I load our luggage, and unplug it from the post. He throws our cable into the backseat, and we practically jump into our seats.

The temperature: -31 degrees F.

Tomorrow's high: -21 degrees F.

It's gonna be a cold week here at Eielson AFB.