Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Contest

At the prompting of friends' messages on facebook and our avid readers, I entered a photo contest for Alaska Airlines. Whereas I have no chance of winning, I thought the thrill of entering would be fun. Afterall, I do have good luck with contests. In 2006, I won a seven day Princess Cruise for submitting an essay that took me ten minutes to compose.

Alaska Airlines accepted up to three pictures for each entry. I used myself, Brad, and my parents as the three entrants. Hopefully, one of the nine photos below will be featured in the May 2009 Alaska Airlines in flight magazine as a finalist...and possibly, a winner. Stay tuned.

And for those who want to see my competition: click here to see last year's entries.

Eagle flying over the waves, Kodiak, AK
Window view of Mt McKinley range
Sea smoke over Monashka Bay, Kodiak, AK
Rainbow's end, Petersburg, AK (Part I of Double Rainbow)

Mt. McKinley
Floatplane over Barometer Mountain, Kodiak, AK

Rainbow's end, Petersburg, AK (Part II of Double Rainbow)
Conversation with a view, Kodiak, AK
Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC


Flo said...

Beautiful! Good luck to you, Brad and your parents for the competition, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Mom said...

Good luck:) Not that you need it!

Lance said...

Christina, What are you going to do when they ask you for more photos to finish the year out??? Lance

Patrick Brazil said...

Love the Monashka photo. It looks like it was taken close to where I used to live. Very nice.