Thursday, April 29, 2010

PCS Stage II.V: Saying goodbye

Yesterday morning was my last meeting with my Rotary here in Kodiak. The hugs, goodbyes, and salutations were heartfelt and warm. Today and tomorrow, almost systematically, Brad and I will start saying goodbye to friends- people who have made long patrols a little bit more bearable, whose homes have been stocked with food and wine to entertain us, whose friendly greetings along trails have lifted our spirits while hiking in the rain. The past two years have flown by; but despite the short time here, I really laid down some roots. We both hope to return to Kodiak in the future. So, perhaps our goodbyes will be short lived...perhaps.

Monday, April 26, 2010

PCS Stage II: Movers arrive

This past weekend, Brad and I worked overtime to prepare the house for the movers. Although tax dollars pay for movers to come in and take care of everything for us- I have a system. For those who know me personally, this should come as to no shock. I prefer to sort through my linens, clean them, and then vacuum seal them. I prefer to stack all my frames and pictures in a central location so they can be unpacked together-- when I am ready to hang them on the wall throughout the new home. And I prefer to pack my own clothes.

While on this rampage, I sorted what items would be loaded into the Subaru to help me make home in Seward for the next three weeks. Brad did the same for life aboard the Munro while completing his tour in Kodiak.

I arrive 2 May. He arrives 20 days later.

In those 20 days, I will close on the house, have the painter splash some color on the walls; invite the Lowe's crew in to switch out the appliances; install an electric fence and teach Tok how to abide by it; have a laborer install new carpet and flooring, install a new kitchen sink; landscape; and accept and unpack the household goods.

Brad arrives just in time to glimpse the new digs before embarking on a one week handoff of the Mustang's new duties prior to his change of command on 27 May.

Stayed tuned for Stage 3: New Digs.