Thursday, April 29, 2010

PCS Stage II.V: Saying goodbye

Yesterday morning was my last meeting with my Rotary here in Kodiak. The hugs, goodbyes, and salutations were heartfelt and warm. Today and tomorrow, almost systematically, Brad and I will start saying goodbye to friends- people who have made long patrols a little bit more bearable, whose homes have been stocked with food and wine to entertain us, whose friendly greetings along trails have lifted our spirits while hiking in the rain. The past two years have flown by; but despite the short time here, I really laid down some roots. We both hope to return to Kodiak in the future. So, perhaps our goodbyes will be short lived...perhaps.

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Becca and Jason said...

At least one person absolutely wants nothing to do with saying goodbye. :(
I'm thankful we'll see you again in July before we leave AK... I don't know if I'd be able to handle tomorrow without that!