Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Big Mama is visiting, and I am trying to learn my new camera. Brad used his Family Separation Allowance to purchase me the Nikon D40. I took the short lense with me and Big Mama as we explored the Buskin, where we found chum salmon and lots of eagles...lots.


Lance said...

I hope you enjoy your camera. Those are great shots. I hope your mother-in-law enjoyed her visit. I know you loved showing off the rock!

Hugs to the big guy and the four legged guy!

Mom said...

Hey Big Mama:)
Mother Nature, sure was nice, hope you had a great time.
They get paid to live there, don't you feel sorry for them:(
Brad, I think Christina likes her new toy! Have fun, click:) HT,SS,Ruff:)

Tidden Tales said...

Absolutely beautiful photos and how awesome that Big Mama got to come visit you guys! We miss you!

bigmama said...

Awesome pictures. I'm sooooo glad I got to see them in person. Missing you both already!!!!