Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Greetings

Each year, I revel in the joy of holiday cards. Our relatives send quirky cards, and our witty political friends send us the year's best politico cartoons dressed in holiday gear. Regardless of the shape and size, each one is met with utter joy. Opening the mailbox becomes a much anticipated daily ritual. I slice open the envelopes to reveal glitter, bows, pictures, hand written notes, long diatribes about the past year, and wishes for a healthy and happy season and new year.As an Army Brat, I still keep in touch with families with whom we were stationed over twenty years ago.

As our horizons broadened as a new couple, our list has grown extensively, as has our collection decorating the entryway. Tales of retirees, of active duty stations, and families abound, each season updates us on our loved ones' pursuits and happiness.

This year has been a big year for many of our friends and family: weddings, new additions to the family-- bipedal and furry alike--, home ownership, and new stationings. We are thankful to hear how well everyone is doing, and I am delighted to continue adding to our list. Even if they/you are those from whom we only hear once a year, your tidings are more than welcome.

Happy Holidays from Kodiak!
(Oddly enough, this picture is from Yellowstone in June!)

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