Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Two: Pungoteague

I arrived a day late to the Alvord nuptials, but the after party continued. Hosted on her god mother’s plantation-like property, this Irish wedding’s remnants were leftover when I arrived Sunday afternoon. I drove past the small cottage (where Bride and Groom stayed) and along the tree-lined gravel road to the main house. I found close friends and family on the back, screened-in porch, and was welcomed via giant bear hug from our friend, John. After a quick round of introductions, I suddenly had a glass of pinot grigio and a sandwich in my hands. In between bites, I asked about the wedding and reception, admired the leftover flowers from the centerpieces, and laughed as I heard about guests’ antics. Two warm hugs greeted me as I met the happy couple. I was ordered to change and was led out to the bay, where I stepped over the remnants of the bonfire and took out kayaks and canoes.

Leaving the adults alone in the big house, us young ‘uns headed over to the cottage. While Eric whipped up his famous chimmi churri, we turned on Jimmy Buffet, lit the tiki torches, and took the paddle boat for a spin around the abutting pond. Covered in insect repellent, catching the glimmer of fireflies, and feasting on steak with chimmi churri, surrounded by friends was a great way to watch the sun set. We closed the evening with smores and enormous bonfire on the beach. It made for a helluva long day, but the time was well-spent.

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Tidden Tales said...

awwww sounds like you had a blast, but we missed you just the same :)