Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding One: Michigan

For all those who are planning their wedding, let me give you some advice: start with a Bar Crawl. The drinking was fun, don’t get me wrong; but, when you have invited so many people from various aspects of your life, we need a level playing field to get to know each other. What better way to do so but to get us bright yellow tshirts with our bar crawl venues outlined on the back (in case we get lost…) and force us to socialize among the bars. Childhood friends, family, distant cousins, undergrad, graduate friends, and colleagues have no choice but to take the dare to slam some car bombs and wish the happy couple a long and lovely life…hiccups included.

The Wedding and Reception:

Baby Jack and his mom, Regan, joined us on Friday evening. I adored watching him with the soon-to-be parents, Mia and JT (congrats!). Auntie Kristi seemed a natural, too, as Jack danced with her a few times at the reception that followed the abbreviated Catholic service. My time with the happy couple and Coastie entourage was cut short. I headed out early Sunday morning to Wedding Two.

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