Sunday, May 31, 2009

Michigan Visit

Walking into their little home of bliss, my recently married sister and new brother in law were phenomenal hosts. From an adorable four legged nice who is undergoing manners training to the excited chatter about the India wedding plans, my time with them was too short. We enjoyed a day of touristy meanderings around Frankenmuth, a town founded by German missionaries. I spied a historic one roomed school house that had been the place of town hall meetings, trials, and an education format that challenged the separation of church and state.

After remarking at the gentrification of some blocks through Hyde Park, we pulled into the $8 car lot near Tigers stadium. Suketu had never been to a ballgame, so for his first, he bought us tickets in the 17th row behind the visitor’s dugout. Not too shabby. A colleague and friend of their’s took Brad’s seat (notice, I said took not filled). Hotdogs, beer, and yelling at the umpire commenced for the next seven innings until we all stood, wrap arms around shoulders, and taught Suketu, “Take me out to the ballgame.” The smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of, “eyyyyy, she’s wearing a saaawx shirt!” was worth the heckling. (You know I had to represent by wearing my “I do it with my Sox on” Tshirt. Hehe.

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Roxy Childers said...

You're lucky you made it out alive with THAT shirt. Love ya!