Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christina v. Mold: Round 1

I get to have all the fun around here. Last fall, with Brad away, I got to play with the manual push mower, battery operated weed whacker, and other yard accessories. Now, with the prettier weather we've had in Kodiak, I can say, quite honestly, that doing yard work is an absolute pleasure.

Throw a power washer in there, and this Heidi-wannabe is happier than a pig in slop (as mama would say).

After receiving detailed directions from its owner, I lugged the gas-powered power washer around the house and declared war on the mold that turned our lovely light grey house into shades of green. Panel by panel, I dislodged dirt, grime, mold, and a few spiders from the siding and awnings. Our red door is now red, and our deck is no longer fuzzy in some areas.

I attacked the cars, too, but I gotta say: Kodiak mud does not come off. Ever. Caked onto the sides of our beloved vehicles are permanent remnants to the potholes along Mission Road, the gravel along Gull Street, and pieces of the Safeway parking lot.

My birthday is coming up...does anyone know where I can register for a power washer?


Flo said...

That is SO cool, I've never needed to use a power washer so I envy your initiative. It never occurred to me that with all that snow comes all that mold. I'm sure you feel refreshed and ready for summer with your freshly cleaned house!

Lance said...

When is your B-day?? Other than a power washer....what would you like?? Perhaps another dog??