Monday, July 20, 2009

Becca's Baby Shower

In June, I hosted a small baby shower for our neighbor, Becca. I chose the theme, Gone Fishin', and our venue was the perfect backdrop for our theme. The venue was the conference room in the local fisheries lab. The views on that sunny afternoon gave way to floatplane takeoffs, mountain views, and sparkling waters. If I had my druthers and a notarized authorization for no rain from Mother Nature herself, we could have celebrated outside.

The presents were throughtful and laughter constant as we dined on a fish-fusion menu designed by local caterer, Gwyn's Cookery. Our games included baby bingo, and our door prizes included someone's very own tackle box (congrats, Beth!).

Check out the card in this photo. It's a baby with an ipod, and the caption is ipood. Hehe!


Flo said...

You done good Mrs. Anderson, that shower looked perfect! I love your blue dress and Becca was just glowing. It's going to be hard to outdo your planning skills when it's your turn for a (::mumbles::)baby shower(::cough::), but I'm confident that you'll have tons of friends vying for the chance to try :) You have been so generous with your time and energy in celebrating others, and I always look forward to reading your party planning details <3

The Culvers of Clearwater said...

Woot! My card made the blog! :-)

It was a wonderful day Christina!

Tidden Tales said...

The shower looks amazing, great job and of course the smiles and laughter were the icing on the cake :)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Three of my favorite people in one beautiful picture!