Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kayaking in Seward

Brad's mom, Big Mama, joined us on a trip to the Kenai Peninsula. We visited Homer and Seward, and while in Resurrection Bay, we kayaked to a wonderful waterfall and enjoyed sea otters, waterfowl, and harbor porpoises in their natural habitat. We fell in love with this tiny town and have decided to rank it as our number one pick for the next rotation.

While there, we visited Exit Glacier, which has many hiking trails for us to conquer. The recent bear sitings and the desire to get to the Roadhouse for a premium feast on salmon kept us from exploring more, but the sunset over this receding phenom was a beauty to behold while we dined on freshly caught fish.

We had passed the afternoon at the Alaska SeaLife Center, where we enjoyed the antics of locally rescued sea otter, Skittle. Sadly, Skittle died shortly after our visit. He managed to unhook the grate to the sewage pipe and drowned in the pipe. He was bound for NYC Aquarium and was slowly acclimating to loud noises and boisterous crowds. His adorable demeanor grabbed our heartstrings. The sad tidings of his departure were hard to stomach after watching this little guy in action.

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bigmama said...

Skittle was a cutie and a ham.