Sunday, February 21, 2010

Famous Relatives

A common denominator between Brad and I is our love for our bachelor uncles. His Uncle Carl is no longer with us, but instead, is fondly remembered as the big teddy bear that he was: always available, always there, always straight forward, and offered unconditional love.

My Uncle George is one of the people I truly, madly, deeply miss [on the east coast]. Uncle George gets me. His NPR-listening, nature-appreciating, love to experiment in the kitchen, good natured attitude beckoned me to drive from the beltway to Hagerstown, MD, often. We'd walk, we'd talk, we'd visit farms, thriftstores, and fruit stands galore. His home is a haven for me, and I miss the wave of nostalgia that overcomes me each time I entered his door. Still, to this day, I keep a key-- just in case.

My beloved uncle takes photos, beautiful photos. Photos that get noticed. Recently a marketing firm in Michigan contacted him about using a photo they found on his flickr account. He asked that he retain the rights and expressed a wish that the photo only be used for the label; and then he asked that the firm send him a few labels. The first two requests were granted; but, the firm was only able to provide a picture of the label, as they were printed off-site.

My dear uncle opened the password protected ADOBE and realized he would be able to "pick up a few" locally! Go to Walmart's Home and Garden Department to pick up some Bearded Iris, or "Blueberry Bliss" to see Uncle George's picture!

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