Monday, March 1, 2010

May the Force Be With You

During my last weekend in Anchorage, I attended the Star Wars exhibit at the Alaska Museum. Set up among a couple of galleries, the collection features costumes, props, and interactive centers for children (of all ages) to learn about the technology used in the film. I found myself humming along to the theme music that played in some of the exhibit's galleries.

Several learning exhibits displayed how the movie forecasted some of the technology and science we use today. For example, Luke's robotic arm was on display next to a large collection of prosthetics and how they have developed since the late 70s when the movies came out.

And then there were features like the art collection and inspirations. To create some of the sets, the film crews visited remote villages to see how people lived in the sand, or underground, or in rain forests, to accurately depict those on film. For those props that were used during filming, I was amazed that they were already painted with exhaust marks, bullet holes, and rips and scraps from their transport (see below).
But, of course, the highlight were the wookies. Afterall, I am married to one.

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