Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seward Home

Today, Brad and I close on our home in Kodiak. We set up an occupany agreement to reside here until early May, when we aim to have at least Tok and me depart to Seward.

We decided on a home in Seward, made an offer, and are currently under contract. It's an adorable home on an acre of land about 10 minutes north of Seward proper. It is a three bed, two bath, two car garage set in a small nook of the Chugach State Park. It's been well-maintained by the cute little old couple who are selling and moving to Wasilla to be near grandkids and medical facilities.

In the next few weeks, we'll confirm move dates, arrange for movers, and determine what else needs to occur before we move in May. It's officially PCS season at the Anderson home!


Ann said...

Looks find me one in Morgan City!

bigmama said...

Looks good. can't wait to be a guest!!!