Thursday, March 25, 2010

PCS Stage I: Laying out the game plan

Brad came home last week, and a couple days after disembarking CGC Munro (his last patrol aboard), I loaded him and the Subaru onto the ferry to make our way to the Kenai Peninsula. We drove from Homer to Seward to check out the new digs, meet some contractors, and then headed north to Anchorage.

We visited H&R block to do our taxes, salivated in the aisles of Home Depot, Lowes, and Bed Bath & Beyond, and departed to the city of Kenai. The Home Depot and Lowes in Kenai deliver to Seward; the Anchorage stores do not.

Alas, after a nice little bidding war and some negotiations from your's truly, we spent our tax refund on new appliances, carpeting and flooring, and delivery and installation. Whereas we love Kodiak, it was nice to be in a market that has competition and thus better prices. Begrudgingly, we have dealt with Spenard's here in Kodiak, and I will not miss their outrageous price stickers.

Upon returning home, we hosted our moving company reps for a walk through. They walked through the door, and I handed them my nine page manifest of every item in the house, complete with special instructions, dimensions, serial numbers, and approximate value. At that, Brad shook their hands, turned on his heel and departed with the puppy for their afternoon walk. To him, I had it all taken care of.

Boy, do I have him fooled. Stage II: Coming in April.

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Lance said...

You are the consummate planner, organizer, negotiator and wife. He isn’t fooled. He just understands his place in this whole arrangement. I would be with him and Tok if I were there as well. I am sure you have it all in hand, or will whenever you need to do so. I admire your strength and skill.