Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CGC Polar Sea

A few days ago, this amazing vessel pulled into Kodiak to collect gear, supplies, and scientists. She is too large to moor in Womens Bay at the USCG base; so instead, tugs push her into the harbor, and she calls Pier 2 home for a few days. The evolution of the two tugs pushing her into the harbor was so quick and efficient. I barely pulled over, grabbed the camera and positioned myself on the dock to take the picture below and then speed up the hill to Dead Man's Curve (real name, I swear) to take the above photo.

On a sunny afternoon, her crew hosted tours for a couple of hours , so I took advantage of being able to experience another platform. This ice breaker is huge. Her bridge takes up the span of the ship, and her elevators provide access to multiple floors of berthing, galleys, sick bays, the library, and the fitness rooms. I was in awe of the wider hallways, the larger morale areas (e.g., entertainment areas for guitar hero and movie theater), the the height of the ship. When ascending the ladders in Brad's 378 foot vessel, I take them with ease; but on Polar Sea, the my legs let me know how many stairs I just climbed-- which is amazing for me and how much hiking and walking I do.
Follow her as makes her way north to conduct research in the Arctic Sea:

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