Monday, March 8, 2010

An Evening Out

A friend invited me to the Lions Club Fundraiser: Dinner Theater. Set up in the new Kodiak Convention Center, we dined in the main ballroom and listened the high school's jazz band play the good old tunes, warming us up for the evening's show. After tapping our feet to big band and jazz music, we watch our troupe of players walk in, clad in classic 40s era wigs, fedoras, and trench coats. "The Man with Bogart's Face" is a play set up like a radio show. We watched the players read scripts into microphones on stage, while our eyes shifted to the small "noise makers" in the corner, who tapped shoes to signal someone walking, clapped together metal to mimic a shot, and a host of other treats that made us "feel" like we were listening to a show on the radio.

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