Thursday, June 17, 2010

Evening at On the Bay

The drive to Lowell's Point is an adventure, and reminded me of Kodiak so much that my heart stopped. After the bridge into the unincorporated town of Lowell Point, the road turns to gravel, and the recent rain left potholes worthy of Kodiak. As I bumped along, with Bearfoot singing on my stereo, I curved around waterfalls and million dollar views of the Bay.

Our cutter's ombudsman is the owner of a wonderful B&B called Cottage On the Bay. She invited me for dinner to meet and chat about all things Mustang. I think we spoke of the boat for a grand total of three minutes during my three hour visit.

I learned that today was her birthday and that her hubs was out of town, too. Armed with a bottle of J. Lohr and my new favorite Giada recipe, I drove to Lowell Point to spend some time getting to know my right arm for the next two months.

With the Celtics/Lakers match in the background, this former Bostonian gave me the scoop on all things Seward and invited me to the Saturday night potluck at Miller's Landing-- where, she promised to introduce me to the stars of the eco-documentary, Paddle to Seattle. They are "Lowell Pointers," she quipped with pride.

After the Lakers won, we turned out attention from the tube to the peaceful scene of sea otters playing in the bay. I snapped a few pictures; but the rain and the distance was against me, so forgive the grainy-ness.

As she bid me adieu, Sue said to me, "It's gonna be a fun two years with you!" With how much I laughed and loved spending time with her this evening, I echoed the sentiment and returned home, snapping a few more photos along the way.

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Flo said...

What gorgeous views with a great companion. I'm glad you had such a peaceful visit and that you get along so well with your new partner in crime :) The band you linked sounds very pretty, and the lead singer reminds me of Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks. That Giada recipe sounds amazing, and I am all for making pasta that doesn't involve me having to touch meat. lol I can't wait to hear how meeting the Paddle to Seattle guys goes! The documentary looks fab!