Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

For two years, I searched for waders that fit me. I love being an eco-geek, nature lovin' female; but GAWD, it is hard to find gear that fits. Having a female CEO keeps my arse in REI because they actually stock women's apparel; but, admittedly, and REI habit can be a wee bit expensive. And REI does not really carry fishing cache. Hunting and fishing gear is best left to outfitters like Cabelas and such. Alas, Cabelas idea of stocking women's gear is $200 waders and camo lingerie with hot pink lining (seriously? Who buys that ____?).

In Kodiak, I "got by" with my $4.00 salvation army-found hip waders. Fishing along the road network in Kodiak was easy. Here in Seward, you wade into the tide to snag reds. If you don't judge the tide correctly, you end up wet.

Enter my renewed search for waders: determined not to spend over $100 for ones in my size, I searched ebay and found an XS with size six boot that had been a display model in a sporting goods store. $40 and then $25 S&H (gotta love Alaska) got them to my yesterday!
With Brad in Ketchikan for the summer (boat is in dry dock), he is fishing for King salmon to bring home. A small but hearty competition has started between us, and I hope to "out catch" him. Although highly unlikely because, physically, I cannot wrestle a large king to shore (the better part of valour is at least admitting it, right?); I do hope to snag some reds and perhaps talk myself onto a halibut excursion sometime soon. At least I'll be outfitted to keep dry, as long as I stay upright!

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