Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For eight years I have always had the same scenario: the night before, I cannot eat, I cannot think straight, I cannot sleep, and I have butterflies in my tummy.

It used to happen when I drove 16 hours nonstop from my dorm room to his at Chase Hall.

It used to happen when I packed up my Federal Natural Resource Law books and study guides to read between quarters at the academy football game.

It used to happen when I cleaned our little apartment in Portsmouth, NH, to greet him after a grueling four month southern patrol.

It used to happen when I flew SWA from Baltimore to New England on those sporadic weekend visits during his geo-bach.

It used to happen when I walked across the street and went home to him everynight for our two year stint in DC.

And it happened last night...


Flo said...

Just got your text! Welcome home Brad and have a wonderful week to you both!!

David said...

Glad you and he are both home!

Tidden Tales said...

Such a sweet description of feelings! Welcome home brad, I know that you have been missed!