Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking a Second Look

“Let me get this straight: they pay us to live here?”

He cups his hands in a pointing gesture that we all know as adorable, quintessential Brad. He is marveling at the cloudless, clear, cool day and how the sun is reflecting off the snow capped mountains, specifically Barometer.

“Yes, dear, they sure do. I picked well, didn’t I?”

“Well, I think it was more of a joint decision…” he lowers his hands and charms me with a splendid smile.

When he left, the island was covered in clouds, fog, and rain. Only in the pictures posted on the blog, like you all, he lived vicariously and saw only what the picture could convey. The natural beauty is lost on a photograph. Truly, you have to be here to witness it firsthand.

With Tok, we took a small jaunt to Spruce Cape. With the crashing eight foot rolling waves in the background, we carefully picked our way over the iced path, eagles passing overhead, about 15 yards from our heads, and Tok’s nails clicking into the ice, fastening his grip as we declared the need to pull out our yak trax soon.

We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, each day. We have enjoyed returning into that comfortable, married couple routine. The dog still has no idea what to make of our new routine, but he is adjusting to two people giving him love and affection as opposed to one. Something tells me he will cope...


Tidden Tales said...

I am so excited that the two of you are back together again!!! I am sure that you are enjoying the time that you have together! Can't wait to see you both!!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Tok can live with that...give him a belly-rub for me!

Mom said...

A welcome home wish:) HT,SS,Ruff!