Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good morning from Oahu

There is a two hour time difference from Alaska to Hawai'i (at this time of year). I woke up at 0500 HST, and I am out on our porch watching east coast tourists, asian tourists, and flamingos flock among the manicured grounds at Hilton Hawaiian Village (yay, flamingos :)).

In a day of upgrades, I flew first class from Anchorage to Hawai'i and then got upgraded to the exclusive Ali'i tower here. We have our own gym, for free, a private deck for sunbathing, and lots of amenities, including a robe so cute it might have to go home with me...

But above all, being greeted by Brad at the airport was heaven. He bought me a lei, and it now makes our room smell ever so tropical.

Off to coax my freckles out of winter hiding...aloha.

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Flo said...

That sounds absolutely heavenly! I'm so glad you got two upgrades and that you get to stay at the must be gorgeous there right now! Have a blast and bring home lots of photos!