Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

White snow, white rabbits, white easter.

Kodiak was forecasted for rain but got snow. Another 6 to 8 inches in my yard; heights of snowbanks vary around the island. We had white out conditions yesterday, which stopped in the late afternoon. Last night, I headed to bed around 0200, and I woke up at 0730 in order to taxi friends to the airport.

The sun started shining as we drove through a winterwonderland in 4WD. Being Easter morning, the plows had not yet cleared some of our roads, esp the gravel roads in our neighborhood. The visibility enabled the jet to land and take off, carrying a couple of loved ones bound for Hawai'i. The airport was a social engagement for me this morning: I saw families, neighbors, fellow boat wives, friends, and Rotarians. My network seemed to be vacating the premises. Their timing was perfect.

I sit here listening to our neighbor's grown children search for money-filled plastic Easter eggs admist the snow drifts. Once you realize that all you have to do is follow mom and dad's tracks, they lead you to the monetary reward. I was tempted to join in...

Hopefully, the weather will hold up for me to go snowshoeing tomorrow. Today, I am obligated to sell dinner theater tickets for Rotary. So, if there are any locals left on the island, clear off your car, shovel the drive, and come to the Safeway to buy a dinner theater ticket.

Happy Easter!

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bigmama said...

Happy Easter from the family. It was cold in NY BUT not the snow that you received. Wish I was there.