Thursday, April 30, 2009

House Projects

During this patrol, I have been away on business travel far more than I anticipated. While the work and travel are always welcome, esp. with the airline miles I am racking up, I am a wee bit behind in all the honey-dos for which I set goals. To date, I have completed the following:

- Replaced the kitchen sink faucet
- Erected a second rack in my closet to expand my hanging options
- Bought materials for make a headboard for the master bed
- Replaced the hardwood-lookalikes in the dining room and kitchen to match the living room (this is the only one for which I hired a contractor)
- Bought a tree and two bushed to plant outside once the snow melts
- Bought the hanging flower box to decorate the porch and gladiola bulbs to plant. I still need to concoct a way to keep Tok out of the flower beds—chicken wire perhaps? Ideas accepted!
- Printed photos for the guest room but still have not found the frames I want. I swear, curtains, lampshades, and frames are the bane of my existence when it comes to home decorating.

Up next are a bunch of yard projects: fertilizing, planting those bushes and tree, removing all the gravel Brad shoveled into the front yard when he removed snow, and conjure grass where it lacks in our yard. My most exciting yard project is erecting the bat boxes I bought on ebay. We have little brown bats in Kodiak, and I hope to attract the hungry winged assassins to combat the pond’s inevitable mosquito population this summer.

Allthewhile I am trying to fit in a trip to Homer for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. If the 611th Civil Engineer Squadron has their way, I am bound for Anchorage the week before hand, so I may be able to tackle some much overdue scrap booking.

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Tidden Tales said...

You keep so busy, I love it!!!