Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dinner Parties- Alaskan style

When stationed in DC amid multitudes of classmates and friends, Brad and I joked about installing a revolving door at our apartment. A mere 2.5 block walk from the metro, our home's dining table became a haven, a free meal, a lamenting conversation, a confessional, and a place a celebration- however minute. Brad adores to cook, I adore to host, and everyone knows our threshold remains open for whomever cares to join us.

In Kodiak, our table has seen a fair share of guests, but let's just say a $1500 plane ticket and 40 hour round trip flight from the east coast has kept some former regulars safely nuzzled inside the beltway, which we completely understand. But, it has turned our focus to locals, and geo-bachelors.
This summer, Brad's fellow shipmate, Kawika (the w is pronounced as a v) asked us to witness his marriage to Elizabeth, who lives on her family-owned farm on Whidbey Island. She flew up a few days before CGC Munro departed for its recent patrol and wed the love of her life on the beach at Monashka Bay.

A short honeymoon ensued, and she departed before the boat left on patrol. Elizabeth called me shortly thereafter and started conspiring with me to return to Kodiak. A few months of planning landed her as my relief driver as I pulled out of Anchorage after two month's of nonstop work. Elizabeth stayed at our home until the boat pulled in on 2 November. She donned her red coat and was immediately spotted on the pier. According to Brad, Kawika leaned over and said, "Elizabeth is on the pier!" Brad, having no clue what I had done replied, "Really? Oooooh, she had a co-conspirator."
We had this lovely couple over for a six hour dinner, which would not be complete without King crab, snow crab, and spicy tomato halibut (e.g., new favorite recipe). As we laughed, told stories about our first apartments as young couples, brewed coffee, and popped corn, I took a moment to step back and reflect on how much our table has seen since we started living together. And it makes me wonder what adventures it awaits as we await our orders, due in early 2010.

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Amy said...

What a wonderful post! I'm glad that I've had the opportunity to meet you! I really had a great time today capturing the essence of you and Brad...

As I edit your pictures, I can't help but smile. You are so comfortable together. It really shows through. They are turning out great by the way! I can't wait to show you.

Have a safe trip this week and I'll talk to you soon!