Sunday, November 8, 2009

Screened for Command

I am proud to announce that my husband successfully screened for command! For those non-coastie followers, in lay-man's terms, that means he is worthy of commanding his own vessel (at least those for which he is qualified).

A few months ago, we provided folks with our next steps as we prepare to rotate in Summer 2010:

STEP ONE: File a packet to screen for Command (Done!!!)
STEP TWO: Submit “Dreamsheet” in October (Done!!!)
STEP THREE: Bite fingernails while the Board meets and determine the screening list in November (Done!!!)

As for how I will keep my fingernails turning into nubs until we hear from the detailer (see steps four and five), I have no idea. Thankfully, the holiday "season" is upon us, so the time will fly until the new year.

STEP FOUR: Wait for a call from the detailer time… TBD (hopefully in January or February 2010)
STEP FIVE: Well, that’s a whole bunch of steps that include Brad going to schools, going underway with CGC Munro during Spring 2010, selling our home (wanna buy a great home in Kodiak?), and move from one remote area in Alaska to another.



bigmama said...

Way to go Brad!!!!

Tidden Tales said...

way to go brad, we had no doubts, but its nice to see that others agree with us!