Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flat Top

A few weeks ago, Anchorage experienced an Indian summer. The temperature rose above 50, prompting locals into Tshirts and onto hiking trails. Tok and I tackled Flat Top Mountain, a popular trail that is an easy drive from the sublet we had for Sept and Oct. Many other outdoor enthusiasts joined us that day. People parasailing over our heads, dogs running alongside trail runners, children hopping up and down the stairs, and lots and lots of smiles. Everyone was in a good mood, happy to see one another, easy to forgive a trail etiquette faux pas, and remark about the weather.
As we crested the peak, I started depleting my camelback. I was the idiot who was scrambling over rocks with a dog attached to a 15 foot lead. Thank goodness for voice commands. As I watched my four legged companion near-effortlessly pounce up onto rock faces and make his way north, there was a lot of, “Tok! Sit.” And then mumbling to myself, “Ok, so how does the human get up there?” It was just as, ahem, entertaining, going down, too.

In going down, I beheld one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

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Flo said...

What a stunning sunset! You and Tok look great. I love how you wear his leash attached at the belt loop to free up your hands for balance.