Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gettin' my urban on

On my way home west, I stopped in Seattle for a few days of loveliness with the Meltons and a future Mrs. Trapp. Having relocated to Seattle this past summer, the Meltons bought a home and immediately gave me the green light to crash whenever possible. And you all know me: I am never one to not accept an invitation from a cultured foodie with a palate for wine that rivals my taste buds.

After my airplane drama, a lovely Sirena collected my sorry arse at SeaTac and took me home. A restful evening ensued, and I was actually nice after a couple hours of sleep. Friday morning, we joined forces to prep the crockpot with the easiest (and later, tastiest) short rib recipe ever. With smiles, we set off to SeaTac to collect Flo, and immediately headed to the International District for dim sum. It was my first dim sum experience, and hearing Sirena order in Chinese made me ever-thankful that my first experience was with a native speaker.

We passed Friday afternoon in the tasting room of Delille Wineries. Our wine steward turned out to be a Coastie mom, and she joined in our lively conversations each time she filled our glasses with a different variety from the tasting menu. Flo and her fiancé are avid wine connoisseurs, living only 45 minutes from Napa. Flo’s specific questions about the varietals and aging paired well with my musing on what foods would compliment the more complex wines we tasted.

Saturday was my day, per se. I started off by taking the ladies to the Donut Shop, on our way to the Needle. This being Flo’s first time in the Emerald City, I wanted to knock out all the regular sights. After being blown around atop the Space Needle and beholding the former St. Anne’s high school (now million dollar condos), we made our way to Pike’s Place Market (click here for video montage). As we walked along 2nd Avenue, passing bars, Umi, and other lively venues in Belltown, our tummies rumbled. I made a bee line for Beecher’s to treat the gals to the best grilled cheese sandwich ever. Our threesome became a quartet when Elizabeth arrived. Introductions made, cheeses tasted, we crossed the street to take in the flowers, fresh food vendors, and artisans in the famous market. As we rounded the corner with the pig, we noticed a loud group of soccer hooligans who took over the street each time the light changed in the favor; they kicked the ball around a little, shouted for MLS, and those with colorful wigs posed with tourists for candid pictures.

We bid Elizabeth adieu and headed back to suburbia. We stretched, rested, glammed up, and then headed back to city center to attend 20something, a wine and food event boasting local vineyards, delicious food samples from catering companies, and a rockin’ DJ. With stewards pouring wine at every turn, our sample glasses filled and emptied repeatedly as we exchanged tasting notes. Two hours after starting the event, I left the girls on the dance floor and collected our coats and summoned a taxi. Safe from the rain, we headed over to our reservation at Purple, a restaurant whose reputation I have extolled before. Wine flights ordered, small bites selected, and musings about the décor began our dinner conversation, which ranged from health care reform, local politics, wedding planning, and travel. To be a part of such a diverse dialogue with well-educated and experienced women was a breath of fresh air.

With tummies full of cheese, wine, and unique dishes featuring autumn selections, I took the gals to Vessel. Custom cocktails ensued, as did our conversation. Close to midnight, I wrapped them up in their coats and headed out to meet my regular car service to return us, safely, to suburbia.

On Sunday, my last few hours in their company featured a goat cheese and spinach quiche, a side of bacon, and mimosas. Elizabeth joined us for some girlie chat over brunch before we packed our bags and headed back to SeaTac…and back to reality. So, a special shout out to my beloved girlfriends. I look forward to doing this again next fall, possibly in Portland.

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