Monday, December 7, 2009

Operation Christmas Tree: Takes 1 and 2

On Sunday, Brad and I set out to find our Christmas Tree. On Kodiak, we do not have lots filled with Douglas furs. Instead, we have precarious icy roads to traverse in search of a tree that -- if felled -- is not violating any land ownership laws.
As we passed the golf course, we left the semi-plowed paved road and started along the gravel, non-maintained portion of Anton Larsen Road. Before long, Brad and I determined it was not a good scene and opted to turn back. And then it happened: another car coming in the opposite direction was more in the center of the road than his lane. He moved over slightly, as did Brad, and then our truck start to slip off the crown of the road. Brakes were no match and Brad decided to steer the truck into the ditch rather than have it flip over on its roof, with us and Tok inside. We were 200 yards from the paved portion of the road. The truck sustained no damage, and neither did we, thankfully. We sat there for 1.5 hours, awaiting a tow truck that was removing someone else from a ditch out near Monashka Bay.

The amount of mush on the sides of the roads, prompting most drivers to traverse down the center of the roads as opposed to our designated sides. And yes, Tok was hot and needed to sit in the cool mush; afterall, it was a balmly 37 degrees. The thick sheet of ice along the road.

On Monday afternoon, we decided opted to keep our Christmas Tree hunt to the paved portion of the road. The issue with finding a suitable tree in Kodiak is that most of our trees huddle in clumps. As you can see below, from afar, it looks like some pretty decent selections just beyond those alders.
But buyer (err, cutter) beware: that is actually a clump of five trees, none of which have rounded frames that you need to hold ornaments or balance in a tree stand.
Alas, after trekking along in Yak Trax, we selected the 2009 Anderson Christmas tree, strapped it to the back of the truck and came home, safely, and without incident this time.


Flo said...

I'm so glad you got your tree safely, that picture of the truck scared the heck out of me at first! Looks like you chose a winner :)

bigmama said...

Glad evryone is OK. I'm sure that the tree will be beautuful.