Friday, January 15, 2010


I am in Fairbanks for the annual Winter Orientation for my Rotary District's Youth Exchange Program. Gathered at the Pike's Lodge, we are hosting exchange students assigned throughout Alaska; Alaskan students who returned from exchanges abroad this past summer; and those new students vying for a country to host them for an exchange in 2010. We donned color coded tshirts that break students into those groups and designated us Rotarian Youth Exchange Officers.

This weekend, we are part mentor/chaperone/mom/dad/best friend/role model/resource for these students to learn from each other: culture shock, adapting to new family life, language challenges, and regular training (sexual abuse awareness and first aid).

As for fun actitivies, our group will be curling tomorrow afternoon. I am wicked excited about this event and will have my camera on hand to showcase my mad sweeping skillz. Stay tuned!

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James said...

Now that I have to see!!