Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti: In search of a friend

FOUND! Maggie checked in via radio station. She is alive, well, and safe; but now she has to locate supplies and shelter before leaving the island. Thank you for your support. Please continue to think about those whose loved ones are still missing.

In search of a friend who is in Haiti, Magalie Brunet (Maggie). She is 5'1, very petite, long wany brown hair, blue-green eyes. She is a French national. She was supposed to be staying at the Montana Hotel (which collapsed), but might have been outside of Port-au-Prince, on her way back from Camp Perrin.

If you have any loved ones providing relief operations in Haiti, please send them this message with the attached picture. Please let me know of any whereabouts, status, anything.

She is a dear friend who went there to help set up villages for ecotourism, to better the lives of families who need money for food, sending their children to school, etc.

She has the biggest heart and is a seasoned traveler. Still, friends in Belgium, US, France, and Iraq (yes, even one stationed in Mosul) are clammering the phone lines in search of this dear friend. Please, pass along the word. My plea has been posted on,, facebook, and now here.


Flo said...

Sending many prayers for your beautiful Maggie.

zoeart said...

She's ok, she called into the office. No more info, connection was very bad. :)

Caroline Johnson

C Anderson said...

@zoeart: thank you!!!!!!

James said...

Thank god for small miracles in trying times!!