Friday, May 28, 2010

Brad's Change of Command

With the backdrop of a cloudless sky in Resurrection Bay, Brad's change of command was a stellar success and venue. During one of the three speeches, some sea lions popped up in the waters below, distracting nearly half the crowd to watch them rather than listen. Although the change of command is focused on the departing CO's tenure, in my mind, the day was all about Brad. Immediately after the ceremony ended, he and I could not steal away for food, water, bathroom breaks, or anything. Community members and leaders, friends from afar, and fellow Coasties drew us into conversations about our time in Seward, local resources, and promises about upcoming events.

With smiles, many handshakes, and lots of smiles, we felt loved and welcomed into the community immdiately. I am beyond proud of him and know he will make an outstanding CO aboard CGC Mustang and that Seward will be a wonderful home for us for the next two years.

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bigmama said...

Congratulations!! I am so proud of you. Taking command and a birthday all in a span of 2 days. YEA!!!!!!!!