Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's tough to be Tok

Dogs are insightful. They know what's going on. And when you spend as much time with your's as I do (since I work from home) you learn to speak their language.

Last week, once all our goods were loaded, we let in Tok from the backyard. As Brad and I sat in the living room, on the floor, watching a 19 inch tv, we heard his nails click and echo on the laminate floor. He came around and sat in front of us, and I swear, if he could talk, he would have said, "Dude. We got robbed. Where's my comfy sleeping pad that's usually here in the living room?"

In an effort to keep some normalcy, I placate him just a little; but, he gets anxious when I move him from his routine of sleeping in the office from 0900-1200, lunch at 1200, basking in the yard and sniffing from 1300-1500, walking with daddy at 1530, followed by dinner and more napping until bedtime.

And being placed in the back of a subaru and going to sea for 9 hours, followed by a five hour car ride, a night in a dog friendly motel, only to be moved to a new house with no floors or furniture has him on edge. With all the vendors strolling in and out, I have to be able to move quickly and respond. If I go out of sight for a second, he comes looking for me; and worse yet, if I place him in his kennel (for safety) or go outside without him, the husky whining starts. One of the vendors looked up and asked, "Is that your dog?" "I replied, "Yes, that is the spoiled furball who is convinced that after two years together, I will abandon him to sign your paperwork."

Alas, he is getting used to it a bit. I hope that a day at doggie day care in Anchorage will be good relief for him tomorrow. But, that does mean over 3 hours roundtrip car ride. I'll do it in the morning-- during his usual naptime. :)


Jennifer and Suketu said...

What we will do for our pets...

KJ said...

got your postcard - good to see the updates and that things are going well. we're trying to find a new home in the upcoming year, too, and it's always so stressful. you seem to take it in good stride. :) karen b.