Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lance Romance

Our first houseguest in 2008 returned with a vengeance in July 2009. For a long weekend, we hiked, fished, ate, drink, hiked, ate, and drank some more. Our home was filled with stories from seasoned Master Chiefs—well, more like tall tales—growlers of beer from the local brewery, and lots of homemade pies. The camaraderie generated by his youthful outlook and by his insistence of running eight miles in near monsoon conditions kept our spirits high and the jokes flowing. Lance is about my size, so his thin DC blood was quite cold in Kodiak. He borrowed Brad’s clothes and rolled up the sleeves about eight inches for fleeces to fit his little frame. Despite being allergic to Tok, he played with our puppy constantly, and showered us with love and adoration before he jetted off on more business travel. A couple of days ago, Brad pulled out his gray fleece, and chuckled. The sleeves were stilled rolled up…
Weeks later, and he is still making us laugh.


Just a Girl in a Port said...

Sounds like good company!

Lance said...

I can only say that I 'get' more than I 'give' with every interaction I have with all of you. Your company and love help ground, center and rejuvenate me. I miss you as soon as the wheels leave the "unpaved" drive. I cherish every moment I spend with you. I look foward to seeing you again....SOON!!!