Sunday, September 20, 2009

McHugh Creek and Glen Alps

Tok and I startted the weekend by driving along the Seward Highway to take some evening pictures of the sunset along Turnagain Arm.
In the gorgeous warm, fall day on Saturday, Tok and I started early. I awoke to my phone ringing at 0630, with a client calling me before he set out fishing for the day. After a quick breakfast, we set out to McHugh Creek, where I left the camera in the car and carried water on my back instead. Already warm that morning, we climbed above the granite slides to walk along the cliffs spanning Turnagain Arm. Bright sunshine in my eyes and jingle of a bear bell keeping us company, we covered four miles to start our day. On our way home, I spotted Tundra Swans in Potter Marsh.
In the late afternoon, we accepted an invitation to photograph some amazing views of Glen Alps. Flanked by berry pickers and dog walkers alike, Tok, my boss (Jon), his hunting dog (Dazzle, and yes, that really is the name of a hunting dog), and I meandered for three hours. I have no idea how many miles we covered, but Tok has slept ever since.

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