Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer's End

In April, on the porch of Claudia Anderson’s house, I met the Kodiak Audubon Society for our last meeting before the summer. Internally, I was shocked that we would suspend meetings for the summer. We only meet once per month, on a Tuesday evening. Why was it such a big deal to stop? My raised eyebrows clued in the astute Claudia, “Summers are so busy in Kodiak- Alaska in general, really. Just you wait. The fireweed will be blooming in no time.”

Shocked, I remained.

And now, here I am, desperately catching up on blogs while on an airplane on 1 September (editor's note: and yet not being able to post them all until 13 September). The glorious summer was completely opposite of the Kodiak rainy season in which we arrived last summer. Warm days, plenty of berry picking, and wildflowers galore provided this tree hugger with some awe-inspiring hikes. Fishing with my best friend was not so bad either. Armed with my Ugly Stick (Brand name, not the nickname I bestowed upon it) and my $4 Salvation Army Special Waders, I snagged a lot of rocks and seaweed.

If only I had caught a starfish…

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