Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Port calls with no DUNKIN DONUTS!!!

So when you really consider my job, I make sure that I get MUNRO from point A to point B and make sure that we can do stuff in between. Being the Chauffeur for 140 people versus 1 wifey (in summer 2008) is a very different job, and we know I had trouble pleasing just one person.

So I have now completed my first full year assigned and have been away from home for 211 days. In those 211 days I have seen Busan South Korea, Yokosuka Japan, Adak AK, Dutch Harbor AK, Pearl Harbor HI, Honolulu HI, and Kodiak AK. Now some of my best memories about being afloat on the East Coast are walking off the pier and immediately finding Dunkin Donuts, the ultimate beacon of my coffee "problem". Our first trip in South Korea, I was fooled, it looked like a Dunkin, it smelled like a Dunkin but..... IT DIDN’T SELL COFFEE!!!!! How is this possible I have no idea, but I got a Coolata instead.

In Yokosuka co-located with the Navy Exchange I found true happiness a full service Dunkin. In our 12days there I had 20 cups of coffee. Ahhh the taste of home.

Now we get to our second patrol..... Dutch harbor doesn’t have a single coffee place, so I can’t expect a Dunkin. Honolulu has all Kona and Lion Coffee for local stuff, and I was surrounded by the evil empire Starbucks. I’m working on this whole staying awake thing, but without the good stuff how can I promise not to fall asleep at the wheel. Ship coffee has gotten better though; I complained enough that they are now stocking an AK blend from Ravens Brew called Deadman’s Reach. It is strong, smooth, but still not Dunkin. It’s a good thing we keep having it shipped to our home.

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