Saturday, October 24, 2009

Camera Aptitude

I need to preface this story by explaining why Christina has an awesome camera, and does such a great job maintaining the blog instead of having me do it. The theme for the patrol so far is "wow that's pretty / cool / awesome I should really take a picture of that". So on the transit to the Bering Sea we stopped for a little fishing at Albatross Bank. For this evolution I decided not to fish because we were only keeping "trophies" (50+ lbs), but that we would plan to stop on the way home for filling the freezers. One of the guys didn't want to fish, but decided to anyway when I said "if you catch a monster, I'll fillet it and keep the meat", well no later than 20minutes later he had a 72" approx 135lbs halibut on deck. Amazingly he couldn't pick it up off the ground and I was the only person on board who could get it to budge. All he wanted were the cheeks, so I got all four fillets. They filled up approximately 10 freezer bags and are now sitting pretty in the Capt's freezer to bring home when we return (looks like some tasty fish for Turkey Day!!).
So the next time I really wanted a picture was when I was fishing in Dutch and managed to land a 36inch silver (you've seen the pics of the fillets) and I at least had the camera on me, but... The batteries were dead, so I had to come back and have Jeff take pics of the fillets on the cutting board. Now in the deductive reasoning for fishing for silvers in Dutch, I thought to myself they would never be expecting a "Kodiak Custom" lure, and I was correct. When the weather was actually nice enough to fish, they couldn't get enough. I have pics of some cool stuff and or "pretty" stuff that Christina would make me stop of the drive cross country to take a picture of, but I do have the camera, but not the USB cable. I really suck in the maintenance of mementos and memories.
You are so much luckier that she handles all this stuff.


bigmama said...

We are lucky that she handles it, but it is always nice to get your perspective every now and then. Be safe Brad.

bigmama said...

My halibut looks like a "premie" ccompared to that monster.