Friday, September 5, 2008

Ana Sofia and the Flamingo

Today, I finally got the proud papa on the phone. After 24 hours of labor, Paula, John, and the newly-minted grandmother remain at the hospital: resting, visits from the lactation consultant, etc.

John told me about an ironic, and somewhat hilarious, tidbit about the labor. During the horridly long labor, their original doula had to leave and be replaced by a veteran consultant with a sense of humor. To brighten the mood in the delivery room, she brought in a pink flamingo stuffed animal.

She had no idea the connection she made.

Laughing and high on adrenaline due to lack of sleep, John and Paula imparted "our" story to the new doula. After much laughter and comments about irony, the flamingo presided over the labor and delivery. John said he has some pictures with the flamingo in the background.

I knew there was some way I was there in spirit.

Pictures forthcoming when the family returns home and settles in this weekend.


Jim said...

Congratulations, godmother.

Love Tara and Jim

Tidden Tales said...

how exciting that you got to be there in spirit, congrats on being a godmother!