Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nice But

Today, Josh and Roger took me halibut fishing. I am proud to report that I finally caught a fish- and not just any fish, a halibut. I could not be happier. After reeling him in from 170 or so feet below, my arms were SOOOO tired, but watching Josh skillfully stun him and bleed him pumped adrenaline through my veins. Proudly, I posed with my catch. A few hours later, after many fish feasted a la buffet style-- on both our hooks and our bait-- we headed in, the big guy still flapping around the deck, sporadically.

(Flounders that kept stealing our bait)

Back at our MWR Boat House, Josh and Roger taught me how to fillet a halibut. Practice makes perfect, so my cuts left a bit to be desired, but I am thrilled to report that no fingers were lost in my first attempts.

Josh is storing my catch this evening, and tomorrow, I will join him on his lunch break to learn how to vacuum seal my fillets, steaks, and cheeks. This way, Brad and Big Mama can enjoy some come November.

It goes without saying that Alaska continues to grow on me. It is thanks to the kindness of fellow Coasties that I have learned to fish, a formidable way of life here on the Rock. I got started late on both salmon and halibut seasons, but I am thankful for a patient teacher, who laughs with me as much as he laughs at me.

Josh driving us away from the MWR Dock

View coming out of the channel

Kodiak in the background

Barometer Mountain on the right


Katharine R. said...

Holy crap that is a big fish! It least it is for me!!! Way to go!!!

Ann said...

You're a better woman then I am! I guess Holy Mackerel isn't quite right...

Mom said...

Speechless! You, really don't want to know, what I am thinking! Enjoy your supper:) HT, SS, Ruff:)

Flo said...

Freaking amazing, I can't believe tiny little you pulled that huge monster in AND learned how to fillet it. Your friends are so wonderful :)