Monday, September 15, 2008

Fishing on the Russian River

Margo and I met up with Josh for another evening of fishing. Margo caught two fish that were past their prime but alive; we tossed them back in. I maintained my record breaking rock capture, and we spied a deceased chum salmon. Chum salmon is known as the dog fish, not only for its fierce canines (see how it "eats" Josh's boot) but because Alaskans smoke this catch and feed it to their dogs. While there, an eagle interrupted the squawking among the sea gulls. He dipped down and grabbed a salmon carcass. He ate it on a nearby shore, and while I stood there casting, he moved up onto a small log, placing himself above the seagulls who were gathered on the shores around him. He was regal but too far away for a decent shot with my camera.

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Mom said...

Skeet, would be proud! I remember when... Unless, I can plug in a hair dryer! Don't even...Picture is priceless:) HT, SS, Ruff:)