Friday, September 19, 2008

Kodiak College

Last week, a current professor asked me to apply for an adjunct position at the college. She asked me to teach a 200 level course at 3 credits. I selected the following course, put in my application, and now play the waiting game. You see, the department heads meet next week, and they will decide the spring semester course offerings. From there, the students sign up; I have to have ten students to have a gig. If and when the course fills up, HR will contact me to complete the paperwork and get on the payroll.

ENVI A211. Study of the relationship between people and their environment. Considers environmental problems and potential solutions. Examines the ecological impacts of social systems and policy as well as of our personal choices as citizens.

Right up my alley, eh?

I am beyond excited about the possibility of teaching. The money ain't much, but that is of little concern. I want the experience. A lifetime goal of mine is to pursue teaching, eventually...when the consulting gig gets boring. I attended a small school, so the small atmosphere of Kodiak College is inviting to me. Smaller classes will help me hone my schools, learn to mentor and guide my students toward their own conclusions and life choices.

Cross your fingers. More coming soon!


Flo said...

Holy CRAP Chris, that's amazing!! So proud of you :D

Mom said...

This is wonderful news. Remember! No Red Pens:)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

You'd be a spectacular instructor!

I applied to teach some undergrad justice studies at my alma mater in the distance ed dept (so, keep that in mind for yourself too). Still waiting to hear, but I won't hold my breath.

You, though, I imagine you won't have to hold your breath long. They would be foolish to pass you over!

Good luck.