Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 October: Our First Snow (Dusting)

For the past two weeks, forecasters called for snow showers and ice, and none of it came. We enjoyed cool 32 degree mornings that would warm to 50 desgree sunny afternoons. Fishing and hiking became everyone's focus as we enjoyed a dry spell in late fall.

Today, I left the house for a morning meeting, and I could smell it. Yes, you can smell snow coming. Those olfactory senses of mine tuned into a fresh, crisp air; and suddenly, I was taken aback to coming out on the back porch of my dorm in NC and then my house in Vermont, heading to class. You don't forget trudging home in the 2 foot dump that accumilated while you were in class.

At 1045, it started to snow...ever so slightly. And then started to pour. I put Tok outside and he stared up at the sky, opening his mouth and trying to determine what was this non rain stuff coming down at him. It stopped about five minutes after it began, but it was a sign...

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Mom said...

Hot and humid in SC:( HT,SS,Ruff:)