Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tulip Time!

This past spring, my sister and her SO invited my mother and me to Holland, MI's Tulip Festival. Besotted about the new digs and actual yard, I bought tulip bulbs--after verifiying that, yes, they do ship to Kodiak.

I did not think too much more of them until those bulbs arrived a few weeks ago. I strained my willpower to let the last of the summer flowers enjoy the sunny days this past week. But after the rain beat them unmericfully over the weekend, I tore up the beds on Monday. Rather than plant on the clay-ridden, shale covered ground, I have raised barrels in the front yard: two on the opposite corner from the front porch, and one greeting guests as they meander from the driveway to the front stoop.

With a dozen or so planted in each tub, I chose to plant the varities in, well, variation. The colors I selected are red, yellow, and hybrids of those two pallets. According to my dear neighbor they'll bloom sometime in June...


Becca and Jason said...

Jason wants to know why you didn't mention your awesome dirt. *snort!*

So, about the beds you tore up - were those perenials or annuals? We're just wondering if we'll see flowers in the middle of your driveway next "spring." ;)

bigmama said...

What a great picture of the "Cope" women.