Monday, October 27, 2008

Economy in the lower 48

I pay $5 a gal for gas, $4 for a bag of spinach; $2 for coffee. When I flew into DCA, I took a look around and realized how much the economy is hurting people down here, in plain view.

Multiple people queuing for taxis asking to split fares; in years past everyone took their own. Few share in this beltway.

Every restaurant features a special, low price menu, coupon to come back and see us promotion.

The annual gala that draws 500+ people each year because of its venue, timing, and theme, hosted a measly 260 revelers who barely covered the marble dance floor.

I asked our host if he was planning his typical, over the top New Year's Gala, and he said yes. I asked if he were worried about the price of tickets keeping celebrants at bay. "No. When Obama wins, people will be ready to celebrate and ring in a new year!"

How many days until the election?

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