Friday, October 10, 2008

Ode to Skype

After 4.5 hours of conference calls this morning, I was organizing my desk and making motions to take the dog out for a bit of play time. Onto my screen pops a request from Paula. In what was the highlight of my day, for 25 minutes, I got a chance to speak with my best friend. I took the laptop and its camera around the house, giving her a tour of our home and the yards. She watched me toss the ball for Tok, complimented me on my flowers in the front yard, and admired the view of my pond-- all from the little camera set into this laptop.

She and I chatted about life, work, and I got some face time with my god daughter. I grabbed the flamingo and made silly faces at the screen in hopes of establishing some sort of recognition before my arrival in a few weeks.

The best part: neither of us had showered, both had on our blue flannel pjs, both had on our glasses, and the biggest frickin smiles you can imagine.

To see her-- and Ana Sofia-- made my heart soar.


Paula said...

It made my day as well! I felt very close to you and we are so excited to see you in just a few weeks. Many thanks for the live tour. I really like your new home and look forward to visiting next summer. All our love, Paula & Ana Sofia

Tidden Tales said...

I need your skype number, I didn't know you have it and I'm on there :) Not alot but I am there!

Mom said...

Christina enjoy your visit with Ana Sofia:)