Thursday, October 9, 2008

Domestic Goddess, Covered in Coconut

Tonight, I prepped to host our friend, Lance. Lance visited us when we first arrived in Kodiak. He is a Coastie from DC, and like last time, is on another business trip that brings him to the Emerald Isle....on his way to Hono, no less.

Excited to have company, I have gone all out. He and fellow Coastie (from DC but stationed here now), Mike, are joining me for dinner. I am making Halibut with a bacon and spinach side, Alaskan beer biscuits, and a banana flavored cake with cream cheese icing, topped with coconut and almonds.

Where as I am still learning how to decorate a cake with just regular icing, the cream cheese icing really threw me. So I was delighted to (literally) throw coconut and almonds on the cake in an effort to hide icing flaws and create a "messy" charm to the creation itself.

Now, if only I can resist the temptation to have it for breakfast tomorrow morning...


Lance said...

Christina, I am so touched that you went to all that effort for little ole me. I truly will miss this chance to see your house "with" carpet. Give Tok a hug for me. I wish the weather had broken so that we could dine in splendor tonight. Alas, it must wait. Thank you. Love, Lance

bigmama said...

Here's hoping that I have better luck getting there than Lance in 4 more weeks.

Mom said...

Ok, Betty Crocker! Coconut cake, goes with anything, all the time:)

"Domestic Goddess"? Giggles, Mom:)