Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tubby Tok

In the past week, Tok has expanded...width wise. I have had to adjust his collar as he starts to fill out. I am bound for another growth spurt. The last time he did this, he gained ten pounds. We may have a 60 lb puppy when Brad comes home in November.

I brush him each day, so he is not as fluffy as you would imagine a malamute (read: as seen in movies and shows), but his neck is started to "poof." I cannot quite explain it, but his breed has substantial necks for pulling (um, naturally), and his is starting to fill out more. To me, he is getting very long, but now he is starting to pack on some pounds.

In my limited research, I learned that he will look like this in the near future (different coloring, of course):

See how crazy thick is that neck? Yep, that's why they mush. Tok continues to love being socialized. Today we had a Boy Scout ring our bell, selling popcorn. Tok ran to the door with me, and I had to hold his collar as the little boy began his pitch. I accepted his pitch and asked that I settle in Tok before I filled out his order form. Tok followed my commands to sit on his living room cushion and stay while I filled out the form. I welcomed the scout and his dad into the house while I fetched my check book. They closed the door and I called Tok over to greet our guests. He loved the attention; and so, reluctantly, he went over to his cushion again as our guests left.

My goal is to have Tok used to this routine for the holidays, when many a friendly faces will grace our home. I wonder what he'll weigh then?


Tidden Tales said...

He will be great I am sure! A little overwhelmed but great none the less!!!

Meggles said...

beautiful dog! I found your blog through my friend flo's!I was just in ketchikan visiting my family-my uncle is stationed there..but he might get stationed back to kodiak!

Mom said...

"Tubby Tok", Bells and Furball Kisses:) Happy Holidays!